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Sri Ramakrishna Saradashrama, Ponnampet is a branch of the worldwide Ramakrishna Math and Mission with its headquarters at Belur (West Bengal). Established in 1927, the Ponnampet Math has been actively involved in organizing various social and religious activities for the welfare of mankind.

We are all servants of God. Purity in thought, deed and word is what we identify with the image of God. We are all actors in the playground created by God.

Blessed indeed are we, to have more than the requisite necessities to navigate through the trials & tribulations of life. Blessed indeed are those who derive innate happiness and joy in rendering service to others. We are all part of God’s creation, where there is a coexistence of the good and bad, haves and have-nots. Ones’ welfare and happiness lies in seeing his fellow beings too being happy. God has his own intricate mechanisms to sustain the welfare and wellbeing of all his devotees. We are, but the instruments in God’s hands, to be of service to humanity.

Be a part of this noble enactment of God’s play. Volunteer your services for the welfare of society. Blessed are those hands that serve, without any inhibitions or with an eye on any reward. The Ashram welcomes selfless volunteers, with a passionate commitment to serve fellow human beings. Contact the Ashram office to explore the plethora of opportunities that exist for voluntary service.

Sri Ramakrishna Sharadashrama,
Ponnampet, Kodagu District,
Karnataka – 571216, India
Phone: – 08274-24 9040 & 08274 -24 9555
Email: srkseva@gmail.com

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