Donations for Ashrama Activities

 We appeal for Financial Support from Devotees, Friends & Well wishers.
The Ashrama will thankfully acknowledge the contributions.

Temple Services

Starting from 1927, formal worship of Sri Ramakrishna is uninterruptedly continuing along with the personal prayers of the Monks of Ramakrishsna Order for the ‘Peace and Prosperity’ for the mankind in general and to the people of this region in particular.  Along side, Initiated Devotees also join in these prayers true to the dictum of ‘Atmano Mokshartham Jagat Hitayacha’ Special Pujas are conducted on Jayanthi Days of Holy Trio, on Ekadashi Days & Festivals like Ganesha Chaturthi, Maha Shivrathri, Sri Krishna Jayanthi, Durga Navarathri Puja.

Annual expenditure: INR 7 lacs / Endowment needed: INR 50 lacs

Ashrama Maintenance

The spending on general maintenance of the Ashrama includes food & accommodation, electricity,
up-keep of the surroundings, including gardening, office maintenance etc., besides the unavoidable civil repairs.

Annual expenditure: INR 15 lacs / Endowment needed: INR INR 2.5 crore

Spiritual Services

For a very long period, this Branch Center caters the need for monks and devotees ‘a solitude place’ for Spiritual Sadhana by providing food and accommodation for individuals and visitors. For group of such people, of late, we are conducting periodically Spritual Retreats, Japa Yajna & Satsangha Gatherings etc.,

Annual expenditure: INR 4 lacs / Endowment needed: INR 30 lacs

Sadhu Seva

This Branch Centre being a Retreat Centre, Monks seek to stay and lead quite life of solitude with prayers and meditation. Their personal care, including medical, is to be taken care of. Also, Talakaveri being nearer, Monks make it a priority on their Pilgrimage for a Holy-dip, like Gongotri.  We wish to facilitate their Pilgrimage.

Annual expenditure: INR 1 lac / Endowment needed: INR 20 lacs

Educational Service

“Education is the panacea for all ills of the society” said Swami Vivekananda. This Ashrama strives by all means to put this message into practice for the student community in all its endeavour. While doing so, the Ashrama is also specifically focusing on much needed ‘Value Orientation’ through various programmes.  This has attracted the Educators and the Youth alike.Over the period, through such programme, the Ashrama has endeared itself to many educational institutions where the unaffordable are also pursuing their education.

Our Educational Activities and their annual spending is given below:

On date all the above programme needs INR 4 crore as Endowment

Offline Donation for Indian Donors


  • All donations are exempt from income tax under Section 80G.
  • Donations can also be sent by A/C Payee cheque, Demand Draft or Money order.
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  • Mention PAN, if donation is above Rs.10,000
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Offline Donation for Foreign Donors (Outside India)


  • The Ramakrishna Sharadashrama is registered to receive foreign contribution under Foreign Contribution(Regulation) Act, 2010 .
  • Donations can also be sent by A/C Payee cheque or through wire transfer.
  • Send email with the following details: Name, Address, Amount, WhatsApp no, email id, PAN
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